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Our Aluminum Railing Products

Integrity Aluminum Railing Offers Expertly Crafted High-Quality Aluminum Railing.

Industry Leading Products

With over four decades building in-house railings and installing nearly every railing manufacturer, Railcraft Aluminum Railing Systems is our manufacturer of choice. They have consistently provided far superior products, workmanship, and variety above all the others.

Railcraft has the best continuous top rail system that we’ve seen. They have 13 different top rail options to choose from, and the best powder coating in the industry. These are some of the many reasons why Integrity Aluminum Railing has partnered with Railcraft to be their premier dealer and installer for the entire Eastern United States and beyond.

Railcraft has been manufacturing aluminum railings for 35 years and have an incredible variety of picket, cable, horizontal, and glass railing options as well as many colors that will fit every need beautifully.  Whether your project calls for completely welded or component style railings, they have the best products we have ever installed. 

Picket Railings

Picket railings are the most popular residential and commercial railings because of the large variety of options, durability, and cost effectiveness.
Each horizontal and vertical rail section comes completely welded together up to 22 feet lengths. These solid sections provide excellent structural durability across long spans of railing. Posts are engineered to fit inside these solid sections wherever needed under the top rail allowing for a continuous top rail design. With the right top rail, this can eliminate the need for graspable handrails. Whatever your project is, we will deliver an aluminum railing that will meet the specifications with a product that will outlast all other options.

Cable Railings

A beautiful cable rail system offers a head turning modern railing system that delivers unobstructed views while providing structural durability. Cable railings provide great sightlines with a unique contemporary design.
The endless configurations of top rails, bottom rails, and posts offer you a personally customizable cable railing that you will enjoy forever. Cable railings have very low maintenance while offering great views with thin tension cables.

Glass Railing with Top Rail

There is nothing that can enhance your project more than a beautiful glass railing system. They provide the best of both worlds offering structural integrity with unobstructed views from every angle. Our glass railing systems will exceed your building specifications with the ultimate elegance and appearance that will add to the visual appeal and value of your property.

Topless Glass Railings

A premium option offering a the most unobstructed view for high end residential and commercial settings. This is the most open and aesthetically eye catching system customers prefer.

Every glass railing system we install and deliver is a customized project plan to fit your building needs and appearance desires. Contact us to discuss the endless glass railing capabilities we can offer.

Horizontal Railings

Horizontal rod railing, or bar rail, offers a distinct modern alternative to traditional picket vertical balusters. The fluid eye-catching parallel lines of horizontal rod railing are often used to compliment the design of the overall structure or because clients like the unique contemporary appearance. Although horizontal rod rail is just as sturdy and durable, it typically uses less materials which can result in a more cost-effective option.


We specialize in custom welded aluminum handrails for any interior or exterior stairways. This seamless continuous rail is a rapidly growing product line for many uses because of its durability, zero maintenance benefits, and it will never rust.  Their applications are used to add ADA handrails to guardrails, stand alone handrails on stairs, interior stairways in buildings, protective barriers, bike or moped racks, and anything else you can dream up.

Welded Railings

Many commercial and residential buildings call for fully welded railings systems. Once field measurements are completed, we can deliver fully welded railings to meet the architect’s engineering requirements. Plus, our installation teams can custom weld on site when necessary.

Component Railings

Component railing systems come in more pieces and are secured together with brackets at posts, pillars, or walls.  They are typically used on projects where there is not enough time to achieve field measurements and produce a fully welded railing for installation.  Although these have some brackets installed on them, there are much less than most component rail manufacturers. This is due to our large continuous welded sections of railing where posts fit inside and underneath the top rail of the full panel.  This means there are not exposed brackets on every post like most component systems and typically only needed on corners or spans more than 22 feet.