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"We couldn't refer more or speak more highly of Integrity Aluminum Railing even if we tried. The Railcraft product speaks for itself and Integrity's attention to detail and service is by far the best that we have encountered. Thank you so much for always satisfying our both quality and timeliness" 

Jeff Miller - President of Kyle Builders


40 Years of Experience Installing Railing

Integrity Aluminum Railing began from over 40 years of experience in the deck and patio industry. We have installed many different railing systems and have become experts in understanding how to select and design railing systems that meet both building codes and the high expectations of our clients.

Our goal is to provide the deck industry with superior quality railing to accompany quality workmanship. Over the years one brand of railing has consistently outperformed and impressed us. We contacted this manufacturer, Railcraft, and they agreed to partner with us to help deliver the product we love to work with so much. Thus, Integrity was born (Out of the relentless pursuit of the perfect railing, both in looks, quality, and installation).

Here at Integrity Aluminum Railing, we can either supply railings for your project (we are here to guide your installers), supply your installers, or install the railing for you if within our service area.

Railcraft has lived up to its mission of being the premier aluminum railing manufacturer and now Integrity is here to supply this railing for your projects. 

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